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    I pastor a small church in Georgia. If I understand the GA law correctly, I cannot carry to a "place of worship," but I can carry to my place of business. My question really has to do with me carrying Monday-Friday at the church office. I am often at the building alone. Can I carry my weapon at the church when there are no worship services going on, or do I have to leave my gun in my car in the parking lot? So far, I have asked two police officers this question and have gotten two opposite answers. One said that I could and the other said I had to leave it in the car.

    Is there anything on the political horizon that would make it possible to carry during church services? Several people in my congregation would carry if they could.

    Thanks Guys.
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    Thats where you made your mistake. A lot of the LE community don't know the gun laws. Or they are as confused as some of us about them. It's not clarified enough so different people have differing interpretations.

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    I would say that rather than asking LEO's you should ask the local D.A. because if I'm not mistaken it would be up to his/her office as to whether or not to prosecute you under the church office scenario you describe.
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    It doesn't matter that you are the preacher. Under current law you are subject to arrest and prosecution for carrying inside of YOUR church, even with a GWL.

    "We" tried to get the law changed last year but were not sucessful. GCO has sued to get this law thrown out in court but we have to see how that's going to turn out.

    As a preacher, your opinion holds more weight than average on this issue. Have you contacted all of your representatives and let them know that you'd like to be able to carry at your church?
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    Exactly. Even YOU can not carry "TO A PLACE" of worship which means any PLACE were one goes to worship no matter if its during a service or not.

    You need to contact GCO persons involved in the law suit. You will have a better chance of helping to get this law removed than someone whom is not a paster/preacher of a Place of Worship! Remember the law does not say church!
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    My wife is the treasurer of her church. She has occasion to go to the church when it's empty. She has her GWL, but can't carry into the church after hours. No carry allowed regardless of your position in the church (place of worship).

    I agree with earlier posters. You might make a strong witness. Get involved as much as you can.

    Thanks for the post, and welcome aboard!
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    In opposition to GCO's lawsuit the state is arguing someone can ask permission to carry at the church since the church is private property. This is the point I say church carry is not something you tell someone about. The state can't have it both ways; i.e., declare you may not and then later argue in a court of law that you can if you ask permission.

    Still, I am waiting to see how the lawsuit pans out. The ban on church carry will fall and we'll be at the whims of the church leadership on if/when we may carry. Stay tuned the win is after the commercial break.
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    But what if a church is your place of business?
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    It's irrelevant. You can not legally carry a "place of worship" unless you qualify for a 16-11-130 exemption.

    Carring at your place of business is an exemption from the requirements of OCGA 16-11-126, which lays out licensing requirements. It is NOT an exeption that is listed under OCGA 16-11-127, which lists the places that carry is not allowed.

    Please go back and read section of GA code, as they are important for who carries a gun to GA to know and understand. As stated earlier, GCO in involved in a lawsuit to try and have this portion of GA code declared unconstitutional.