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Pioneer Arms AK47

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Howdy Fellas,

Ever since me and a buddy of mine went shooting down at Charlie Elliot and i had a go at his ak47 he built. The Ak bug has bitten me kinda hard, Recently I was parusing down at Adventure Outdoors, i came ascross a used pioneer arms ak47 at a good price, in very good condition. I have been looking around the interwebs and have found some mixed reactions and information regarding the origins and current state of their ak's. Does anyone have any experience with this particular brand? And any words of wisdom when looking at ak47's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you fellas.
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Thanks for the help Malum & Nemo,:grin:
Entry level, inexpensive AK. Here's another video by Atlantic Arms, who sells a number of AK 47 type firearms. Make up your own mind, you get what you pay for. Just my opinion, the best new and available AKs, but a bit pricey, are the Arsenals made in Bulgaria. If you can find them, VEPRs made by Molot are also excellent quality. Saigas are great, but impossible to find, except in the high priced used market.

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