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So I couldn't help it anymore, after hearing all of the recent hype and handling one it just seemed right. I picked up a S&W Bodyguard 380 from Mike at Georgia Gun Store (because who doesn't like to see their prices with tax included?).

The gun feels more substantial than any other pocket pistol I've ever handled. It has plenty of room in the trigger guard, I feel confident manipulating this gun in heavy gloves with exception of the manual safety. I don't think I've ever been this happy with the concept of a pocket pistol before...and last nights range trip just reinforced that.

Technical Highlights:
-2.75" barrel.
-6+1 capacity (.380 ACP)
-Double Action Only (Will double strike)
-Magazine locks back on last round.
-It actually has sights! They're adjustable!
-Insight laser for those who are a fan.

In the box:
-S&W Bodyguard 380 Pistol.
-1 magazine with both extended and regular bottom plates.
-Nylon folio style carrying case with zipper closure.
-Lock (of course)
-Manual and promotional literature.

As for the actual shooting, the gun is very accurate once you get used to some of the properties that are unique to pocket pistols, a genre which I had never shot before. The biggest hurdle is the long trigger pull. It is very smooth but very long. Once you get the feel for the trigger you're probably good to go. I did also notice that the gun is snappy, I found myself with a flinch that I've never had before. This is probably due to the top of my hand between my thumb and index finger getting caught in the slide on the first round. Regardless, it does have some jump which is expected when the only components on the pistol that are made of metal are the slide and barrel. I didn't have the thought to check out the accuracy of the laser, but I'm fairly sure its sighted in within reason from the dry firing practice that I've done.

Shot 50 rounds last night, these were the last 21. 1 Magazine at 7 yards, 2 magazines at 10 yards. No FTEs, double feeds, stove pipes, or malfunctions of any kind. I was shooting PMC Bronze and Hornady Critical Defense.

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Nice pics and great report. As a Smith & Wesson (SWHC) shareholder, I'd like to thank you for buying S&W products :D
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