Physics being dumbed down for females

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    One of the few things that horrified me when I arrived in Australia (in 1999) was to discover that, several years ago the high school physics curriculum was “feminised”. In other words, to make it more appealing to girls, our curriculum’s designers substituted formulae with essays! What a disaster…

    — Professor Michelle Simmons of the University of New South Wales (UNSW)​
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    I got my FCC First Class Radiotelephone License at 16.
    Easy for the electro nerd that I was, but difficult for normal folks.
    It was required for the daily duties around radio and TV stations back in the 60's. After a decade or two they discovered that no women to speak of had them so they changed the rules to eliminate the requirement.

    Ham radio much the same, they stopped the Morse code requirement for all classes of license, even the 20 word per minute "Extra Class". I could never get passed 15 wpm and was stuck at General Class for 50 years.

    Colleges have been offering watered down classes such as physics / math for non-science majors forever it seems. When I was in college, I thought they ought to offer English / Philosophy diluted versions for non liberal arts majors.

    I hired a lot of chem/mech/electrical engineers in my last job and after some interviews with applicants I would check to see if their college was accredited - they were that dumb. Even GA Tech electrical engineers were weak. Any problem you give them, they wanted a PC with some kind of math cad on it.

    Thank goodness engineers use standard software and have a good body of Engineering Standards to follow to keep our new construction projects from falling down.

    Australian engineers (and those I know in the UK) without exception have PhD's.
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    math is the language of physics. it's not impossible, but it is very difficult to describe one without the other. a single sentence in the language of mathematics can replace an entire book(s) of written english. they aren't doing anyone a favor by using the least efficient means of communication for the application.
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