"Physicians" at it again - anti gun violence assertions

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    This just in from MedPage Today:

    "ORLANDO -- The epidemic of violence in the U.S. needs to be seen as a public health issue -- rather than a law enforcement issue -- and treated accordingly, experts said here.

    People need to use a new lens to "look at this problem in a new way," said Gary Slutkin, MD, CEO of Cure Violence, a non-profit organization in Chicago aimed at reducing violence by treating it as a health issue.. "Can we see a person who does violence differently -- can we see that person as having a health problem, an untreated health problem?"

    Slutkin shared his views during a panel presentation at the annual meeting of the Association of Health Care Journalists."

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    "Physicians" at it again - anti gun violence assertions

    Actually...I didn't see anything overtly antigun.

    They actually called it for what is is: violence. They didn't specify gun violence.

    He did mention how some people resort to gun violence at one point but never went so far as to suggest political action.

    I wouldn't call it antigun. It's not progun either, but it's refreshing to see something medically related that's not openly demonizing guns.

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    Slutkin? The guy has a slur against his mother built right into his name.
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    Sorry, it has to be put into context. The pushes to outlaw guns are dying and physicians groups, while more and more rabidly anti-freedom, are not run by stupid people. They have shifted, by and large, to incremental and overtly reasonable seeming arguments over the past 4 months (wonder why). This just fits that pattern but comes from MedPage which has pushed anti-gun articles, initiatives, and advocated for anti-2A legislation. Slutkin himself appears to genuinely want to leave the 2A issues to the side, but others like the U.S. Conference of Mayors are bundling it with anti-gun initiatives in order to give those the cover of a research supported epidemiological approach.
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    As we all know and have stated repeatedly... Gun violence is a violence problem, not a gun problem.