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This has to be the most rediculous thing I have seen in the paper yet. They have 4 pics on the article of S&W Sigma, 4013, 411, 40F. I can just see legal gun owners being harassed.

Does anybody think the "investigators" would have the right to confront and question people with Concealed Permits in the area? We all know this stupid news station published the list of CCW holders last year. I was just wondering what y'all thought.....

Photos, New Details Released In Stray Bullet Shooting

POSTED: 5:51 pm EST January 30, 2006
UPDATED: 5:57 pm EST January 30, 2006

APOPKA, Fla. -- The Orange County Sheriff's Office has released new pictures and new details that could help find the person who fired a shot that cost an innocent woman her right eye. Ruby Cintron was watching fireworks on New Year's Eve from her Apopka home when she was hit.

Detectives are releasing photos that show the weapon a shooter used and hope someone will recognize the Smith & Wesson and come forward.

Cintron recently left the hospital after doctors removed the bullet from her eye. On New Year's Eve she was watching fireworks along Crooked Lake. Her 7-month-old baby was in her arms when a bullet fell from the sky. The bullet ended up in Cintron's eye.

Detectives believe someone used a Smith & Wesson to shoot a bullet up into the air to celebrate New Year's Eve. Detectives hope the pictures will help someone come forward.

Detectives also have released a map to show where the bullet may have originated from. Investigators zeroed in on a one-mile radius from Cintron house.
If anyone has information, please call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS.
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