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Philippines Travel Question

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Just to make sure I understand correctly - my wife as a former citizen of the Philippines, may stay up to a year there with our minor children without the need for a Visa. Correct? :)
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Call the Phillipine Embassy and talk to them.

I tried to ask my wife's parents. They go back to the Philippines periodically and stay for months. However, FIL has dual citizenship, so MIL gets to stay without a visa. They seemed to think that a visa would be needed, but they definitely aren't lawyers.

They also suggested going to the Philippines consulate in Atlanta, which I guess is the international travel version of, "talk to a lawyer."
Depends on the diplomatic relations the U.S. had with the Philippines. The wife and I go back to Vietnam often and we both are required to have visas before coming into the country. My wife, since she is a Vietnamese national, always gets issued a Visa that is valid for 6 months. My Visa is always valid for only a month. We usually stop over in Korea and because of the diplomatic relations with Korea, a U.S. Citizen doesn't need to get a Visa before coming into the country. U.S. citizens are automatically admitted upon the port of entry and the admission is good for 90 days. If you wish to stay beyond that, then you would need to apply for a Visa. It was the same in Mexico when we went to Cancun, we were given a Visa on the spot that was good for a couple of months. You need to check your Visa to see if it is single entry or multiple. Most are single and are no longer valid once you leave the country. We were thinking about driving to Cambodia while we were in Vietnam, but since our Visa's were only single entry, we would have had no way to get back into Vietnam.
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