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45_Fan said:
Now that you have finished that before breakfast, the interesting bills so far are as follows:
HB 54 - Church carry
HB 55 - College carry
SB 26 - Katrina style provision
SB 98 - Reduces off-limits locations to courthouses, prisons, jails, and school zones

SB 98 and SB 26 are the ones to push, SB 98 would accomplish more than HB 54 and HB 55 together.
SB98 itself ads nothing to school or campus carry. In fact, it restricts it more. But since having a GWL is required you still may carry under the current school carry laws. While you may not get an exemption to drop-off/pick-up a student, etc. through SB98, you still get that ability through current laws. So if you want Campus Carry, then you better push for HB 55 unless we can get the school language removed from SB98. I know Spring and Summer are coming, the weather's getting nice and people aren't as interested in the internet right now, etc. But we really need to get on the ball spreading the word and contacting our representatives on these bills if we want them to go anywhere.

Georgia Carry's website has more than I can summarize here. ;)
Agreed :righton: . has done more for Georgian's gun rights in the last few years than any other organization (including the NRA) and is well worth the $15 to join.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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