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    Been thinking about getting pepper spray for the wife, at this time she will not even consider gun carry. Will work on her and get her GFL. Have never noticed much about sprays on here, done some basic research and do not seen anything in the laws negative. I am also considering some for myself, when a firearm or knife is to much but, but the fist are not enough. Use in case a BG gets to close without warning :shock: and no time for a firearm, get off me more time to get in a defensive possition. Or even if they do not have a weapon, break contact, get into the mind set if more is needed.

    I have read the levels of comfort posted here and use something the same in my mind but bad things do happen and that one guy you did not take as much of a threat is the one that will get you.

    Thoughts on adding spray to the tool bag, good, bad or? Do you carry?
  2. I personally do not carry pepper spray but i make sure that everyone of my girlfriends carry it while they are dating me. Unless i can get them to get their GFL (still workin on it).

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    I do not carry it, currently, but I have sprayed lots of people and a few animals. Get 5-10%, and I prefer the fogger type, not the kind that sprays out a jet stream. Too easy to miss.

    Just keep in mind that it is FAR from foolproof. The effect is really more in the mind than physical. I can keep functioning when sprayed, even though it is uncomfortable. Most people collapse and gasp and make funny noises, but, again, this is mostly mental.

    I have only run into one person that did not seem to be affected by it at all, and this was a very special case, with very special reasons, but who is to say you will not run into somebody similar?

    It works great on animals.

    It is also great for crowd dispersal, if needed.
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    One could always look at a tazer as well.

    Almost guaranteed to knock your **** in the dirt.

    I hate those things.