Paying Attention To Va Gov?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by Nemo, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Nemo

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    We have some big doings up here. Quite big doings going on. And some interesting as can be info on the succession. Much I did not know.

    How does it work down there if Lt Gov out of office?


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  2. rle737ng

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    I do so love seeing the Bolsheviks being devoured by the monster they created.
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  3. Clark

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    As much as part of me is enjoying this, I'll hold this to the same due process standards I wanted Kavanaugh's case held to.
  4. Wegahe

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    I'll hold to due process as well. Prove it really happened and then I'll make up my mind. I'm really skeptical abut women who wait years to make the claim until the person they are accusing is in a position to be taken down or for a payoff. Then of course there is always at least one more to jump on the wagon with a matching story after it has already come out in the press.

    Also about the black face problem. I have a hard time understanding how it really matters. Kids do stupid stuff. Maybe it was racist and maybe it was just a stupid stunt. I don't know if there was any ill intent behind the make up or not. Why does it matter now? Most kids (some never do) grow up and are not as stupid as they were in their younger years.
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  5. mountainpass

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    What's really funny up there for the Dems is this started with the white Governor in blackface and then white AG in blackface. And it's starting to look like the black guy(Lt Gov accused of rape) is going to be forced out, and the white guys might ride it out. Bad look for Dems.
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