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    Applied for my license on November 28, 2006, and have been waiting patiently after having been told it would take four months. Got a letter this week from the Probate Court saying "Due to an error with your fingerprint card the GBI and FBI was unable to process the card and run the criminal background checks. At no charge to you, you will will need to be reprinted at the jail within ten (10) days of this letter".

    This is the same issue as was posted here: ... php?t=2319

    I went to the probate court this morning, and asked how long it would take to get my license now. I was told it would take another four months! The lady there told me it was not the fault of the probate court that it took so long, it was due to the FBI / GBI.

    I then went to the jail to get fingerprinted, and while I was there two other people also showed up to get their fingerprints redone. The jailer said a guy came in earlier today, too, for the process and was really angry (can't say I blame him).

    They did not use the fingerprint "machine" this time, but just used paper. The jailer had trouble getting clear fingerprints from me, so it is possible that the GBI would not accept them either, which means they could send me back for another round of fingerprints in four months.

    I asked the jailer if there were a phone number at the GBI I could call to check the status of my fingerprints, and was told if there was, she didn't about it.

    Any suggestions on who I can call or write to get this expedited? I know things are "tough all over" nowadays with a lot of counties dragging their feet when issuing licenses, but 8 months is just absurd.
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    Type "ORI" into the search function near the top of the page, and you will get all sorts of useful information!


    I would be very angry. :evil:

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