Pat Robertson condemns harsh Marijuana laws

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by bdee, Dec 24, 2010.

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    At some point we will need to spend our money more wisely. This war on drugs is mighty expensive when you total up all the agency manpower fighting it.

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    But I thought the religious right was all about forcing people to their point of view?

    Honestly, I think his expressed views, are more common among the "right" than than many people believe.
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    I am all for legalizing marjiuana, as long as it is taxed at about 1,000%. I quit smoking because I hated paying such high taxes. Ok, also cuz it's bad for ya.
  5. bdee

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    Why would you tax it?
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    I would tax it because if someone is dumb enough to smoke it, then they're dumb enough to not mind paying jacked up taxes on it. I do not like paying taxes. There is not much I can do about state/federal taxes, but as far as "sin taxes" on stuff such as cigaretes, alcohol, I choose not to participate in paying them at all, or as little as possible. I do admit I buy tequilla every now and then. :love:
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    I think a "sin" tax is wrong. I believe that if you are going to tax items that are sold, they should be taxed equally. I also think that what you put in your body is your business. ALL drugs should be legal, you ain't hurting nobody (but yourself and IMHO that's your right) by doing them.
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    Excise taxes make sense for it, honestly. But, people will grow their own, I am sure. I bet growing a weed is easier than brewing your own beer.

    That said, not paying for prison sentences for people busted with pot would save us a fortune by itself. Add in payrolls for people paid to stomp out weed and we have a good bit of money. If pot heads get lazy and buy the stuff instead of "growing their own", make taxes out of that, also.

    What would actually change? It is not like people are not smoking pot now. If we are going to demonize a social drug, let's point our anger at alcohol. It actually kills. The user and others alike. I fear a drunk behind the wheel feeling invincible far more than I do a stoner going 15 mph. Of course, alcohol prohibition failed (as has marijuana, just people are not ready to admit it as much).
  9. bdee

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    Yeah I would imagine if you taxed it, folks would just grow their own.

    But sin taxes are just a step in regulating morality.
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    I thought this question had been settled back in Al Capone's day.

    Pot is too profitable to allow it to be legal!

    Hey - government price supports aren't just for corn and wheat anymore!
  11. Campeck1911

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    Do tell what makes one dumb?
    It must be the freedom...
  12. Phil1979

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    How true. I listened to Pat Robertson's video just now, and I'm with him 100%. I've never used mj, and never will, but it's a natually growing plant for crying out loud, and cigarettes have killed far more people. I can't see imprisoning or fining a person for growing something natural in their yard. Persecuting people is not the answer, education is - preferably the kind that starts at home. Now, I'm still for locking up dealers that sell the man-made high-powered stuff. But let's leave the small-time weed use alone.

    I've mellowed on this issue in recent years. You might say this ultra-conservative, far right-wing extremist has a libertarian bone somewhere on the inside. :lol:
  13. bdee

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    It's not about marijuana, it's about control.
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    Whatcha smokin? Quit bogarting as I want to think the laws of economics don't apply too, it'd be great to feel like a liberal again. So long as you could get marijuana cheaper on the black market vs. the government market, the black market will exist.

    Previous posters have expressed my sentiments.... nothing should be singled out or taxed unfairly in a fair and free market. Now, I have no problem with all of the "fair" tax proceeds going to fund treatment programs that actually work. The big win, is not in taxes, but in destroying the funding of terror groups and gangs and returning our communities to the safer places they used to be before the government got involved. The big loser is the government which uses the war on drugs to act in a police-state manner.
  16. Mrs_Esterhouse

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    This, plus jobs too.
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    ok so if you get high and drive and hit some one and kill them it is ok because what you do is your business? I dont think so the reason drugs are not legal is because they take you out of you right frame of mind and you do stuff you would not do other wise. I know because i was a pot head and a coke lover i was born and raised in Miami, Fl. so i know all about it, i have been clean for 16 years now and i do not miss it one bit. all drugs do is take they do not give you anything but bad times. drugs are for weak people that cannot cope with life. :righton:
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    Of course it is not OK to do drugs and do something that injures someone else. No one is suggesting that should be the case.

    But, just because you cannot handle them and would do stupid things (like drink and drive) does not mean they should be illegal for others. Do you think alcohol should be illegal too just because some can not enjoy it responsibly?

    Many, thousands if not millions of people have used and enjoyed marijuana reasonably for decades with no ill side effects, no craving heroin, no stealing to obtain money to purchase it, no lack of ambition. There is no logical reason for making criminals out of these folks.
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