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    I have a J.C. Higgins model 18 .22 that was bought by my Great-Grandfather in the late 1930's. Three generations of young boys have taken their first shots with this rifle, and now a 4th.


    I hope he remebers this as fondly as I will. Up until Monday, he had expressed a little interest in firearms, but mostly just in passing as I was cleaning after a range trip, or moving things in the safe. Mostly questions about ammunition, or wanting to look through a scope. Monday, Isaid I was thinking about going to the range, and he asked to 'go watch'. Never said anything about shooting, but the offer has been out there for at least a year. I thought this might be the day, so I pulled the little old .22 out and cased it with a .22 SA revolver I have and a couple packs of ammo. We made it a family outing, hopefully the first of many. After I put up targets and unpacked , I asked if he'd like to shoot. There is his first shot. He did about 15 rounds through the rifle, and 10 through the revolver. When we got home, as I was cleaning, I explained where the rifle had come from, and how it was now 'his'. I can't wait for the next range trip with him!
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    Very nice. Great family tradition!

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    There’s nothing better than an old .22 rifle. I have two in my collection that I picked up from pawn shops. I’m sure if they could talk they would have stories just like this one.
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    He will. I remember mine and most everything about it. That first step is so important.
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