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Parents on this forum will appreciate this

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My GF's kids are having a hard time narrowing down their Xmas lists. So she asked them if they wouldn't rather get gift certificates or cash so they can pick out their own Xmas gifts. Her oldest said that if Santa couldn't bring most or all of the presents then gift certificates/cash would be okay. He wasn't even kidding. :faint:

Her daughter spent nearly an hour in the pink section of Toys 'R Us alone.
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What's to appreciate?

A couple of weeks ago we had a talk with our kids:

"Kids, we aren't going to have a huge Christmas this year because money it tight. We wish we could give you the things you want and more, but we have to focus on the things we all need. You'll all love the gifts you get, but it will not be as much as other Christmases."

No one batted any eye or complained.
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