Panty-Waisted Gun Grabber Gets Lunch Eaten in Debate

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by Phil1979, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Fernando Mateo, president of Hispanics Across America, and representative of the Bodegueros Association debated Colin Weaver, Deputy Executive Director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. You can see the video here: ... 7521.story

    The issue is that, in New York, bodega owners who often work 18 hour shifts alone in crime-ridden areas are getting robbed and killed. Mr. Mateo says they need to get armed for their own protection. Weaver instead offers that business owners should meet to discuss legislative solutions.

    Apparently, Weaver thinks that passing more laws will keep criminals from robbing and shooting people, and gets his lunch eaten by Mateo in a debate. Weaver points out that guns from out of state are the problem. He obviously doesn't get it, that the only way to stop guns from crossing state lines, is to stop people from crossing state lines. Just as guns don't cross state lines by themselves, neither do they shoot people by themselves. The issue isn't in-state/out-of-state guns. It's that criminals will always find a way to get their tools of the trade. And as Mateo logically pointed out, the honest citizens must be placed on a more level playing field by being armed themselves. If a criminal knows you are armed, he will think twice before trying to make you a victim.

    Weaver doesn't want guns in the hands of the honest busniess owners because "police hit their targets only 30% of the time". I suppose by this, Weaver believes police shouldn't have guns either.

    Mateao challenges Weaver to spend one night working alone and unarmed in a bodega. Weaver's reponse is lame. Watch the video to see Weaver get soundly trounced.
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    Look at Weaver's body language when the moderator asks him to spend the night in a bodega...

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    Great video. Thanks for posting it.

    I find it interesting in the written article below it that only some people need to submit fingerprints, which is an interesting comparison to Georgia, where all must submit fingerprints.
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    That guy is alot stronger than me because I couldnt have sat beside that waste of air for that long trying to act as if the store owners are ignorant and need to be educated. If only we could all be so enlightened as him.
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    That was a great vid... Mateo had it together and did a great job proving the point.
    I actually started laughing when he suggested that Weaver work one night in one of
    the East NY bodegas... I'm betting that Weaver had to go clean himself up after
    that exchange.

    and starting an arms race... I had this picture of a bodega owner running out to get
    an RPG as the level of weapons escalated....

    Bodegueros Association +1 vs New Yorkers Against Gun Violence 0 (still clueless...)
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    Haha, that was awesome.
  7. mountainpass

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    Actually it was the newswoman/moderator that suggested that, with a camera crew to document it no less. I bet the camera guy was thinking, "Wow thanks for throwing me under the bus."
  8. AV8R

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    That was awesome watching him squirm.
  9. JiG

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    [mental note to self: I cannot do interviews in NYC being the pro-gun person. I'm not liberal enough. I will scare the heck out of NYers.]
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    "decisions should be based on facts and not emotions." Isn't that what the Gun-Grabbers do; base decisions on emotions? :screwy:
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    That guy is a d**che nozzle. I couldn't have sat next to him either. What in the hell does criminals using guns from out of state have anything to do with legally giving carry permits to store owners?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! IDIOTS!!!!!
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    A full blown libtard in action if I ever seen one. [​IMG]
  13. Macktee

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    I loved it.

    "Colin, why don't you just admit you're afraid?"

    "I'm man enough to admit I'm afraid to do it."

    I really loved his explanation that running a bodega wasn't his job. What an


    Watching that guy squirm, bob and weave was worth the time wasted listening to him.

    Thanks for the post. I'm gonna e-mail that address to some of my anti friends. Too bad I won't be able to watch their reactions...