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Paintball Legal in Backyard?

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Is paintball use legal in my backyard in Georgia (Harris County) and is there an age minimum for paintball use in GA?
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We've played in the yard....of course that is 5 acres......I'd just go for it

As for the parent? I'd do what ever I felt comfortable with.
No minimum age. most fields require the child to be 10-11 for insurance purposes, but there is not law.

Have someone there that knows what they're doing. High pressured canisters and paintballs firing faster than 300fps will cause harm.
the most important thing- WEAR A FULL MASK/GOGGLES MADE FOR PAINTBALL. you can pick them up at walmart for cheap. There is a good chance someone will loose and eye, have a nasty scar on there face, or something else fun happen.

PAIN is the name of the game!
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Puffyfish said:

PAIN is the name of the game!
Ahhh, it all makes sense now. That is where you get your name..... Puffyfish?
At the Mount Blanding Game in 2007.
From about 25 feet. Through a long sleeve BDU shirt. (yes he was shooting hot)

Close up.

Took about 6 hits from the guy, left scars on 3 of them.
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Ashe, what team do you play for?
I'm with BlackHearts.
I used to be on WCM, and I have played with Dead by Dawn , although I'm not a member. I haven't played in a couple years though. Was thinking about getting back into it.
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