Ownership check versus Carry check and approval??

Discussion in 'General GWL Questions' started by realheadlight, Dec 23, 2010.

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    I was denied for a gun purchase in 1999, but just bought a gun 3 days ago with no trouble at all went straight through.I believe the first denial was for an old possesion misdermeanor charge which now is not grounds for denial. My question now is the background check and laws the same for "ownership" as for "Carry"? On application 1 question asks if you ever had a gun charge conviction, and I did back in 1994 a misdermeanor Disharge of firearm in public, it was in a Florida wooded park. Outcome was convicted credit time served. Any help, clarification or information will be appreciated. Just want to have an idea before pursuing. Thank you!
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    Does not sound like you would be prohibited from a Georgia license, just based on your post. I would go ahead and apply on Monday.

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