Own a Glock?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Malum Prohibitum

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  2. Sharky

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    Yeah guns kill people, not the wackass holding it. The gun was so happy to be bought and taken home like a new puppy. Now it can kill and bhe happy.

    Founding fathers once again rolling in the grave. This used to be such a different country. I wish I was born a long time ago!

  3. pro2am

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    I see Glock finally went with the "clip" in the 19, I say its about time they joined the 21st. century.

    What a nice cursory, skim the subject, biased article. Thoroughly good reading for the person who is serious about personal protection.
  4. legacy38

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    I own a Glock 19. I'm now afraid.
  5. ptsmith24

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    I just checked the bedside table to make sure it was still there... Gotta leave it home alone as it is...working at NAVAIR and all...
  6. Macktee

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    Makes me wonder what'll happen six months or so from now.

    Will she become that "ace shot" she dreams of or will she have sold the gun because she was afraid of it.

    I hope there's a follow-up article, but I'm sure there won't be...... if she keeps it.
  7. and i just got a 17!!! Now i'm scared, some one hold me.

    My 92FS will protect me
  8. Axeman

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    :sick: :-({|=

    In a way she is kind of correct. The gun was made to shoot, but then again a fire extenguisher is made to put out fires... IF, there is a fire to put out.

    The difference is the "Glock" might scare a BG bad enough just by it's mere presence, and a fire doesn't care.

    And all this tripe about suicide and such, if you really are afaid you might committ suicide with it, you need professional help anyway. :roll:
  9. AV8R

    AV8R Banned

    Perfect example of Milwaukee/Wisconsin liberal ANTI attitude. That was the worst piece of dog squeeze journalism I've seen in a long long time.

    Two words: Douche Bag
  10. GeorgiaGlocker

    GeorgiaGlocker Romans 10:13

    #-o #-o #-o anti crap, anti crap, anti crap!

    P.S. She did pick one fine firearm. :D
  11. viper32cm

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    This women, just like all the rest of them is a f-ing idiot.

    I hate to restort to ad hominen attacks, but when you lack a basic level of understanding necessary to conduct a rational conversation you are an idiot.

    I love all the liberal what if's

    Notice the change in the language a "cursory" background checks. Liberals seem to be the best breed of politician in the sport of denigrating yesterdays "progress" (even when it was there own idea) to support further movement towards "progress". No one 14 years ago would have called the Brady bill check "cursory" it isn't you libtard dog.

    Ignorant fool.

    Actually I'll agree with here there. She's afraid of the damn thing. She doesn't need it. I don't want here to have it. In fact I don't wany any liberal that comes up with BS like this and all those off the wall what if's to own any guns.

    Yes, most every guns purpose besides certain dedicated target rigs is to kill. This idiot is also ignorant of handgun hunting.

    I hope people that make baseless accusations like that burn in hell, forever.
  12. Sharky

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    journalism is like a drug. I try sooo hard to NOT read it, however I am drawn back to see just how stupid people can be and are becoming more so.
  13. wsweeks2

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    She mentions how easy it is to buy a gun - but I'll bet anyone on here that this idiot is the same person who would complain that she's never done anything at all and she has no record if she were faced with a long delay and a background check.
  14. The problem with these people is they believe violence is wrong, its bad, and never needed.

    I do think some guns are designed solely to kill, and i solely carry those.
  15. Tinkerhell

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    I'm seriously considering a 19. It's in about my top 3 picks. But all of my possibles are made to kill a person. Punching holes in paper & making dinging noises off of metals plates is a fun secondary but my primary reason to have & carry a pistol is to cease all life functions of another homosapien if the situation warrants it.

    I sure don't want a gun that isn't designed to kill when I need to put a stop to the nekkid guy with a hard on & a butcher knife chasing me down an alley.. :shock:
  16. Pede

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    Excuse me, just got back from the bathroom after reading that article - Feel better now. I also checked on my Glock 19 to see if got any scary looking since last night - nope; just as quiet as when I left it on the night stand. When will it become scary? I must have a different G19 than she does. Is my defective? Better call Glock.
  17. GunCrazed

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    The only thing I saw in that article that didn't sit right with me was when she talked about "Glocks are meant to kill people." Thats a bit of a one sided statement.

    Handguns in general are for PROTECTION (unless you're a psychotic madman like at the Virginia Tech Shooting).

    But she did say something I liked: "I look at the Glock, and it's hard not to appreciate its beauty, its sleek and economical design."
  18. Wiley

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    Ol' Babs seems crazier than Cho. As a porported writer (no license, no exam, no training, no waiting period) she's not competent to touch any device of mass communication.