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I can't believe this. A guy goes into taco-time resteraunt to arrange his 4 dollar coupon discount, and the Mexican girl at the counter saw the bottom of his holster under his jacket. The man is a CHL holder (Concealed Handgun Licensee) and Oregon is an "open carry" state, which means that he could have had it totally exposed, or totally concealed. Either way. She says, "You can't have a gun, it's illegal" (because in Mexico, it's illegal, and she's an illegal allien) So she tells him to leave, and he says no. She calls the cops and they come out with the SWAT team and arrest him on Menacing, Disturbing the Peace and something else. He didn't say a word, as I understand. He's got a couple of people and a lawyer who are going to see to it that the charges are either dropped, or they'll bring in the NRA and Oregon Gun Owner's Association to expose their ass. Does anyone have an article on this? Or, is it still privilaged information? Is there a lawyer in the house? If so, post here if you would like to take on the case. You can talk to his current counsel who doesn't know a damn thing about firearms law.
Thanks for listening/ I may be wrong on some of the details, but to the best of my knowledge, this is accurate.
BCR who hates injustice and ignorant cops.
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