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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by mathar1, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. mathar1

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    It is time for another show order of guns and holsters and ammo. Running a gun store is like being a fortune teller...what to get that will sell, what to avoid so it doesn't sit on the shelf. So I thought I would go to the target audience and get some suggestions. If you went in a gun store what PISTOLS would you like to see? What holsters are you wanting to put your hands on? Any special ammo you think about? :help:
  2. gunsmoker

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    I like to look at .22 target / plinking pistols. The kind that are fun to shoot at the range. If you sell enough of those, you might increase the shooting range business at the store too.

    I have not yet seen that Kel-Tec .22 magnum semi-auto that holds 30 rounds. I'd like to grope one at a shop or gun show sometime.

    Oh, and how about small-frame revolvers with 3" barrels? Or 4" even, if anybody makes them? A lot of women love the feel of a small-frame .38 revolver for a HOME defense gun (one they'll never carry) but there's no reason why the barrel should be so short on a gun that is not carried concealed. Longer barrrels = better pointing, better aiming, less recoil, and more fun to shoot.

  3. Match10

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    I am a sucker for Smith and Wesson Revolvers..... In fact, I am on the hunt for two Jframe, one a 36/37, one a 442.
  4. seereus

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    Our local shop has stopped carrying the heat seekers in 9mm
    If you could round up a few rounds of those it would be helpful.
  5. Phil1979

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    A good selection of EAA and CZ pistols, and at least a couple of non-Glock 10mm. This will set you apart from other gun stores and help make you very popular, IMHO. Those guns have great ergonomics and really fit most people's hands.

    For ammo, most any premium +P. You can't go wrong with Double Tap Ammo bonded +P (they use Gold Dot bullets for their bonded ammo).
  6. madcapmagician

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    From what I've seen:

    .380s and .38 pocket guns
    9mm and .45 Compacts/CCW size guns
    9mm and .40 fullsize guns
    Cheap Ammo

    Pick a few different guns people have asked about in the past (inventory at distributors allowing). If you stock up on too many oddballs you'll end up clearancing them out.
  7. ARMT Guy

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    Hey Matt! Thanks for taking the time to ask us, the customers, for our input! :righton:

    I'd like to see the selection of carry holsters, ( especially rigid IWB type ) increased, if possible. I understand you gotta try to stick with what moves, but you'll always have folks picking up new carry pistols, so carry holsters and mag pouches, ( leather and polymer ) would be good. The same goes for good, rigid leather carry belts like Galco and others.

    Patrick's usually has a good selection of quality HP ammo available. Perhaps increase the amount on hand? I'm a big fan of Speer Gold Dots, especially. Get a hold of the Short Barrel versions of the Gold Dots, too. Hornady Critical Defense, ( for .380s ) would be awesome.

    I'd also ask you for some .357 SIG GDs, but I think I'm about the only jerk around here who packs one! :shattered: :lol:

    Thanks again Matt! :D
  8. 45_Fan

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    Wild guess, but the single-stack sub nines, 380s, and .38 specials. Please ignore me if those sorts of things have been slow selling in your location in the past.

    I don't even know what to tell you for holsters, but if you could have IWB, OWB, ankle, thigh, shoulder, bellyband, crotch carry, and pocket options over the small and medium weapon size ranges it would probably be a huge help to female patrons. I can't imagine stocking all of the above, but demos for the most common 380, .38 special, and slim nine (may have to wait a few months to figure this one out) would probably go a long way. I'm a guy, I have an OWB and IWB holster for my 45 and a crotch carry option for my .357 snubbie. My wife has me convinced that those three options pretty much suck for women. I caught something about OWB and paddle holsters are okay on odd numbered Tuesdays but none of that works with a dress...

    I'd bet you couldn't go wrong with pallets of .45 ACP and 380 ammo either.
  9. CoolHand

    CoolHand Active Member

    I think 45_Fan is on it about having a mannequin or something demoing all the methods of carry, with blue guns of course. I know a lot of times when folks ask me about carrying it's a lot easier to say "it looks like this" while pointing at a picture I've googled than trying to explain what a belly band looks like. Cross breed and Comp-Tac are two brands I would love to see stocked in a store. Adel Outfitters has been selling the crap out of those spandex t-shirts with the holster pockets under each armpit. Oh yeah, stock some pocket holsters and wallet holsters for LCPs & Bodyguard .380s. See Pocketholsters.com for a good wallet holster example. You could even create pre packaged "upsell carry combos" for certain pistols like the LCP. McDonalds does it, Best Buy does it and they make millions more in profits but I've yet to see a gun store even try it.

    On the ammo side I'd say stock up on the Gold Dots, critical defense, and anything with the Barnes DPX solid copper bullets. Everybody usually stocks the Hornady critical defense but I hardly ever see any Gold Dots or DPX ammo. Another thing, if you can find good defensive ammo in 50 round boxes instead of the 1/2 size rip off the consumer boxes that sell for full price that would be awesome.

    One thing I've always wondered was why dealers around here didn't stock more of the old commie 9x18mm handguns. they're dirt stinking cheap and the Czech and Polish ones especially are solid steel relatively high quality built pieces. I own several and they're fun, easy, and reliable to shoot. I'd think given the low price point they'd sell pretty good and be less headache than the craptacular Bersa's and other low end small pistols I see dealers selling and then servicing a lot of.
  10. mathar1

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    Thanks guys! I have a case full of different .22 for fun and carry. From target grade to just plain fun single six. I am trying to keep up with the carry market with pocket .380's in 5 flavors..slim 9mm, .40, .45 in several flavors. I keep the Rugers in different flavors and sizes (depending on what I can get from my suppliers) and of course the Glocks. A decent selection of full size and compact 1911's. (Even more with the Kimber order going in) My revolver selection is low because when we get them they get bought QUICK!

    The mannequin idea is awesome! I have "tactical Joe" dressed in 5.11 and Blackhawk mix with multiple TACTICAL/DUTY holsters/accessories but never even though of doing a "civilian Joe".
  11. niadhf

    niadhf New Member

    an inexpensive but nice belt holster- (and hard to find around me) is the Stinger from Galco. I tend to get one as an OWB back-up to my IWB (main) holster for each pistol that i carry regularly.
  12. niadhf

    niadhf New Member

    Lots here i like. Holsters, and 9mmMak claibers. yep.
    Revolvers- 2-3/4 - 3-1/2 inch. good to shoot, OWB, and even IWB.
  13. Rugerer

    Rugerer GeePeeDoHolic

    I don't live close enough for my vote to count (my dollars to buy), but I'll second the vote for CZ. For the great reputation their models have, it sure seems like they'd be carried more.