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Opinions on KSU E-MBA?

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Anyone have an opinion or experience with the Kennesaw State MBA program in general?

I'm doing it for personal amusement more than any professional need I foresee in the next five years, but I still don't want instruction that comes off the back of a cereal box. For personal amusement I'll do 18k, but not 88k! like Emory wants. KSU is only two exits away from the "home office" if I do need to show up for stuff, so you can't beat it for convenience.

Competent profs and fellow students? Fully remote E-MBA program work as advertised?
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Got an investor bud who graduated the school of business at KSU. Took what he learned there to get a $100K+ job... left that for real estate investing full time, is now $1M+ net worth... so they must be doing something right. He described their classes on entrepreneurship as an understated gem.

If you go the Alabama side here's my recommendations:

Business, Law: UA,UAB

Medical: USA, UAB

Engineering, Agriculture, Vet Med: Auburn

Football: Auburn -- WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!
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