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Opinions on KSU E-MBA?

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Anyone have an opinion or experience with the Kennesaw State MBA program in general?

I'm doing it for personal amusement more than any professional need I foresee in the next five years, but I still don't want instruction that comes off the back of a cereal box. For personal amusement I'll do 18k, but not 88k! like Emory wants. KSU is only two exits away from the "home office" if I do need to show up for stuff, so you can't beat it for convenience.

Competent profs and fellow students? Fully remote E-MBA program work as advertised?
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I'm not sure if I even want to commit to the one weekend a month to the EMBA, and will probably go for the fully online version. The average age of the eMBA students is 39, so I presume I'd miss the bubblegum crowd at Kennessaw High (They called the University of Houston "Cougar High" as well when my sister was there).

Emory wants $88k, which I laugh my ass off at. $17k is a real bargain. As long as there are competent people to debate with and the professors are all in (which they seem to be, since they're not shared with the regular MBA staff.)

Looked at UGA eMBA and GSU eMBA, too. UGA package is waiting at home, but I think GSU has been crossed off due to inflexible scheduling. Thought about moving to Alabama to hit the Auburn eMBA, but calculating the spread on a buck won't get me far at work :)
The only reason Auburn is in the mix is because I can travel there from Atlanta faster than most people can get home from downtown. And I want hometown refs on my side at least once (apparently not against USF ;) ) My old roommate from LSU got a Master's there before moving to USM, but he was in Ag, and his girlfriend was in vet school.

UA-Tuscaloosa is out, even if they paid me and choppered me in from the client site for testing.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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