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Opinions on Kel Tec's P3AT

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Pro's - $ & weight, size, concealability

Con's-Anyone gon a con with the Kel tec? :?:
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Cons, since you asked so nicely

If you're asking for cons I'll give you a few (now take note that I really like my P-3AT for what it is)

- So tiny, only a baby could fit all fingers on the grip
- Finished roughly which can and many times does affect reliability in addition to comfort (lots of hanging bits of plastic to rub your hand raw)
- Sights are almost nonexistant
- It's a .380...yeah I know, we don't have to get into that arguement
- While shooting, it constantly wants to rotate in your hand

Some will complain about the long trigger, but I happen to like it.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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