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Opinions on Kel Tec's P3AT

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Pro's - $ & weight, size, concealability

Con's-Anyone gon a con with the Kel tec? :?:
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For the size class and the price range the triggers on the Kel-Tecs (P-32, P-3AT, and PF-9) are pretty good IMO. A little long, but not heavy, which to me is the biggest sin a gun maker can make, excessively heavy trigger pull.

My dad has the pakerized version I have a blued PF-9. The parkerizing looks pretty good, the blueing kind of looks like crap. I would drop the extra money for a parkerized gun.
shamalama said:
James Bond carried a .380 and look at all the one-shot-kills he made.
Bond's PPK was in .32 ACP.
That doesn't even look like a PPK! PPK's don't have frame mounted safeties.

That actually looks like one of those Colt Mustangs in .380, though it really looks like a combination between one of those and a PPK.

I'd be willing to bet his new gun is 9MM, being that he's British and such. As I understand it .40 S&W is kind of an American cartridge.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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