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Opinions on Kel Tec's P3AT

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Pro's - $ & weight, size, concealability

Con's-Anyone gon a con with the Kel tec? :?:
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I own a P-3AT.

Light, and with a short barrel, can cause this little one to jump around in your hand.

Assume/pretend there are NO sights.

For a few bucks more, and just a bit more size, you can get the PF-9 in 9mm, which is much better built and carries a stronger round.

Can be carried in your shirt pocket, and I've seen some "necklace" holster rigs for it.

Great for ankle or any pants pocket.

James Bond carried a .380 and look at all the one-shot-kills he made.

A truly "disposable" gun if it breaks?

Doesn't always like hollow points. To remain agony-free stay with FMJ.

Just my 2¢.
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Looks more like a .380 to me.

His first was a Beretta 418 in .25 ACP.
The Walther PPK, true, was 7.65 x 17 mm Browning or .32 ACP.
I really like his new Walther P99. Is it 9 x 19 mm or .40 S&W?

(sorry for the threadjacking)
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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