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New Militia Group at Georgetown Law Center

Georgetown University Law Center has a new student group called the Georgetown Law-Militia. The group’s mission is to foster “greater awareness of legal issues concerning the right to keep and bear arms and the human right of self-defense.â€

At the Militia’s inaugural meeting this afternoon, attorney Alan Gura of Gura & Possessky spoke about his work as lead counsel for the plaintiffs in Parker v. D.C.- the federal appeals case that successfully challenged the District’s handgun ban in March. Gura told a group of about 30 Law Center students that “the Second Amendment is really not all that mysterious.†He says he is confident the U.S. Supreme Court will decide to review the case, and that he is “looking forward†to arguing before the court.

The group’s president, third-year law student Mike Stollenwerk, is an active gun-rights advocate. He helped found a website called that maps out where in the U.S. people can carry unconcealed firearms legally, and at what age, and he was inspired to form the Militia by the gun ban case. Stollenwerk has a concealed handgun permit in Virginia, and a license to carry firearms in Pennsylvania. “What good is a gun if you can’t carry t?†he says.
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