Open Carry in Newton County

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    I was open carrying in Newton County tonight at a restaurant with my wife and some of her mother's family tonight. I had to stand up to let her uncle get in.

    A nice middle aged gentleman named Derril, came up to my wife and I, told us how beautiful our daughter was... anyway he was a really nice guy.

    He told me he saw what a nice looking handgun I had on my hip. I told him thank you, then we talked about firearms for a good while.

    Anyway, ended up talking to him about GCO and I gave him a card and all.

    Then he asked if I'd come talk to his table. Gave all of them cards as well, maybe six or so. They told me they'd be looking into it and I told them how to join and some of the good things GCO has been doing for gun carriers in Georgia. They were really impressed there was such a great carry advocate in the state.

    +7 for open carry once again. And just think, if I had been concealed it may have never happened. It really pays to live in pro-gun areas.

    I still haven't to this day gotten one bad thing said about my guns open carried by a stranger in public. Only praise and good questions.

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    Elliott, you're making me homesick again. :cry:

    It is a pro-gun, pro-carry community with pro-carry LEO's as well. I did a lot of recruiting out there and people were always receptive. If you're in the 17th district, you also have a pro-carry State Senator - John Douglas. He's an all around stand-up guy and has done a lot for our carry rights.
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    I agree, John Douglas and Jeff May are my two representatives and both of them are very pro-gun.

    Also, its wonderful to live in such a pro-carry/pro-gun community. Sorry to make you homesick and I hope you can move back soon. We need all the help we can get in promoting GCO.
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    Ditto. Newton and neighboring Rockdale county are super open-carry friendly.