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Open carry 1911 - holster and method of carry?

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I am getting a black parkerized gov't size 1911 Monday and although I perfer CC, I want a OC holster too for occassions.

I ususally wear an untucked t-shirt. Any suggestions?
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Find what you like and then go to a local gunstore and buy it.

I bought mine at Bullseye in Lawrenceville. 1911 Officers size.
For IWB, I have a "Summer Special" knock-off type holster for my 5" 1911. Not bad at all for IWB carry, but the weight could be spread out a bit more for more comfort. I carry my Ruger SR9c in a Comp-Tac MTAC--very comfortable holster, available for many different guns.
I have a CompTac Minotaur for my 5" Springer Loaded. Wear it with an A & G belt. I love it.
I really like my Bianchi Model 82. Several others I know have purchased the same thing after seeing and messing with mine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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