Oops found another Home invasion!!

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Sharky, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Sharky

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    This is just another reason to always dial 911 to verify the visit and make sure it is a real uniform!

    Police imposters stage home invasion in Stockbridge

    Associated Press

    Published on: 08/15/06

    Henry County police are investigating a home invasion in Stockbridge that involved two men posing as SWAT team officers.

    Police say the men entered the home about 1 a.m. Monday pointing handguns and wearing shirts that read "SWAT."

    Police spokesman Lt. Jason Bolton said a man and woman in the home heard the voices of the men. He said the suspects claimed to be members of the Henry County police SWAT team.

    Bolton said the suspects asked to see the couple's identification and then placed the man under arrest.

    The men claimed they were serving an arrest warrant out of Colorado.

    The woman managed to call 911 and alerted police.

    Bolton said the suspects handcuffed the man and took him outside, but then removed the handcuffs and ran away.

    Bolton said the men face charges including home invasion, burglary and armed robbery although they did not take anything from the home.

    Last year, Gwinnett County police arrested four suspects wearing shirts with the word "Police" in connection with a string of robberies.
  2. gunsmoker

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    bounty hunters?

    Could the home invaders have been bounty hunters looking for a fugitive? Those bail enforcement agents work for a commission, and they have been known to do all sorts of illegal and distateful things to try to capture their guy. Maybe they just had a bad tip, the wrong address, etc?

    Not that it's justified. It's just one possible explanation for how this went down.

  3. Malum Prohibitum

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    Two guys, alone, with shirts that say SWAT, claiming to be a SWAT team? You don't have to be a policeman or even a former policeman to figure out it is time to open fire in that situation.

  4. Sharky

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    Anybody steps foot in my home unwelcome gets met with force. I am sure there are other details left out as always, but if SWAT is coming in your house I am sure you will hear more than a door break open!
  5. jrm

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    The rampant (yet uncalled for) use of no-knock warrants by police make it that much easier for thugs to get away with these tactics. Anybody will at least have a moment's hesitation before opening fire in the middle of the night when the invaders yell that they are police officers.
  6. Sharky

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    I agree with you jrm, if somebody no knocked and yelled police or SWAT I may hesitate for a moment as well. This was definitely a wierd situation as I can only imagine anything like thi would be, and I think if they broke in my place only that moment would I really know how I would react. They really need to do away with the no knocks!

    One would think if it really is a SWAT operation there would be more than 2 guys entering the area at anytime as backup. But I'm not LEO just somebody who watches too much TV! Kidding. I hope to never be in that situation! Rather just deal with the 'ALL BLACK" typical bad guy uniform!