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All this talk about games on here make me ask if anyone on here plays Socom online?

I'm still stuck in the past with a PS2 and only Socom 2, but still get online from time to time with it.

Anyone else on here ever on?
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Ramm said:
The game is neat, don't get me wrong, but it is nothing like the awesomeness of the Rainbow Six (the original) and RS: Rogue Spear.
I enjoyed those two the most - the rest have gone downhill. It honestly just depends on who they're going after, market-wise. Older gamers tend towards more cerebral games instead of "shoot anything that moves and collect what it drops".

Not to say I don't occasionally enjoy a mindless shooter -- sometimes I just feel the need to destroy things. Lots of things. :launcher:
gsusnake said:
I've gotta get the Halo 2 skillz up to speed before I play against some of the assassins on Xbox Live, though...
I might be the only one, but XBL took all the enjoyment out of Halo 2 for me. I loved the single player, but when I started playing the multi-player online, I would have my hat handed to me by a 10 year old within seconds of starting.

I spent more of my time on Star Wars: Battlefront I & II and Burnout: Takedown.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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