One Dead, One Wounded After Attack On Motorists

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    One Dead, One Wounded After Attack On Motorists

    POSTED: 6:26 am EDT June 7, 2007
    UPDATED: 7:33 am EDT June 7, 2007

    ATLANTA -- An attack on two motorists early Thursday morning left one man dead and one wounded.

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    Police told Channel 2 Action News reporter Ryan Young that someone opened fire on the men in a northwest Atlanta neighborhood.

    "A car was stopped in front of them, two individuals got out of the back seat and opened fire," said Atlanta homicide detective Bob Creasy.

    So many shots were fired all the windows in their car were blown out and all four tires flattened.

    The victims were able to drive several blocks from the scene of the shooting. Residents of the neighborhood heard their cries for help.

    The wounded man was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.
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    When I lived in Detroit, it was well known that you never pull up right behind a car at a light/stop sign, always leave at least a car length.