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RedBeard said:
GAGunOwner said:
rejfoxtrot said:
Its illegal to kill a non-poisonous in georgia, wonder about oklahoma. I'm curious which poisionous snake they were shooting at. Most don't climb trees....were they shooting a freakin cornsnake? Who identified it as poisionous? We don't have freakin black mambas.
Never heard this before. Please provide source/code section, etc. Thanks.
OCGA 27-1-28 Taking of non-game species.

Venomous snakes (says "poisonous snakes" in the code but there are no "poisonous" snakes in NA) may be taken by any lawful method. Non-venomous snakes may not be taken. To do so would be to commit a misdemeanor.

Large snake in a tree by a lake is most likely a non-venomous water snake (Nerodia sp.). Cottonmouths cannot and do not climb trees.

This is so sad. I am sick and tired of ignorant people. Snakes in NA do not eat people. (Some do in SA but that is a different story.) Venomous snakes rarely bite. Every single snake bite I have witnessed or heard about except one was the result of an idiot messing with or trying to kill a venomous snake. The one was a lady that accidentally stepped on a cottonmouth on a boat ramp in a swamp at night with no lights. The snake was just being a snake and somebody stepped on it. Step on a squirrel and see what happens.
The only good snake's a dead snake IMO. (GSUSnake excepted)
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