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This may not be the correct area to post about another state but closest I can see.

Went back to Ohio to visit family (yes, Damn Yankee, I was not born is the South but got here as soon as I could). Read about the new laws for open carry and sounded great thought I would run down and get a new carry holster for the couple days but keep reading and found out why I believe they had been able to get great open carry laws. To transport your firearm without a Ohio CCP it has to be unloaded and in an area that the driver can not access from inside the vehicle, makes a lot of sense. Needless to say I was more parnoid about even having my firearm with me in my vehicle and having to think about a nasty LEO (I was near and in Oregon Ohio) and my wife having to bail me out or worse my Mom :!:

Also even with a Ohio CCP you can carry a loaded firearm in your vehicle but must be on the licensed person and in plain sight

Just remember watch what you ask for it may be better for all but the small print may get your but in trouble.
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