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    Hey guys,

    I am new here, but if you are looking for some serious high speed weapons training, there is a company out of Macon called the office of special services that is amazing. All Rangers and special forces guys, all have seen serious combat. In my mind the best training around. I tried to make sure there website is up, but it did not seem to be. I know they are all in Afghanistan right now, but the lead instructor is due to be back in this country next week, I will make sure he knows the site is down. If you would like there contact info please p.m. me. They are not cheap, but you can get a pretty decent group discount from them.

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    I talked to my buddy and it doesn't look like he is going to be back this trip, next trip home will be in 6 months. He said he would love to do a course, I know there has been some interest in a patrol riffle class or a sniper class. He will custom tailor these courses to whatever the client wants.

    I need to know if anybody is interested and I will be able to get a handle on what he would charge for the course per person. The factors of cost will be the duration of the course and the amount of people. More peope equals lower cost per person.

    Please post up or shoot me a pm. I have been through several of these courses, including the patrol riffle course and they are great, normally about 2-3 days, could be cut down to a weekend. We normally went out to the wilderness or a training location for the class and either stayed in hotels or camped out, depending on the curriculum. Please let me know, the training is amazing.
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    Very much interested. I believe my brother might be interested too. All depends on cost and amount of time I have to save up for it.
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    Maybe. Dependas on when, where, how much, how long & what the class would actually cover.