% of Adults W/Carry Permits in "Shall Issue" State

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    Georgia got a "Honorable mention"... lol
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    Why is PA so high on the list? They are virtually surrounded by liberals.

    I'm from Indiana and that number has to be close. I think Indiana has been "shall issuing" forever... well before the national CCW movement in the 80's and 90's. Lots of permits.

    GA is probably pretty high. I agree with the author it's probably in the top 5. If people would get their licenses in the 60 days required we would probably be #3. Our continuous backlog keeps us lower :(

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    Interesting. AL is not "shall issue."
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    AL is techincally not shall issue. However all Sheriffs issue permits. The common thought is if one refused the courts or general assembly would overrule him(or her) and reelection would be impossible.
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    Bumping this old thread for new info.

    According to the GeorgiaCarry.Org website, GCO estimates that there are 400,000 gun carry permit holders in Georgia. This isn't just how many new permits are issued or renewed in any given year-- it accounts for anybody whose permit is still valid from having been issued in the last 5 years.

    GCO’s website says that there are 400,000 gun carry permit holders in this state.

    So I went looking around the internet to see what kind of number I can come up with for the adult (over 21, preferably) population of Georgia, minus illegal aliens and convicted felons (who can't have any guns or ammo, much less a carry permit).

    Various websites full of demographic data from the 2010 Census say that Georgia’s ADULT population, over age 18, is about 7.2 million.
    Let’s guess that it would be 7 million even if we only counted people over age 21 and thus eligible to get a handgun carry permit.
    Estimates are that there are 500,000 illegal aliens in Georgia.
    That drops the pool of eligible adults down from 7 million to 6.5 million.

    Nationally, there are about 25 million convicted felons in the USA. It is difficult to find statistics on what percent of the populations have a felony record, as most websites that deal with such statistics only care about what percentage of people are forbidden from VOTING by way of a felony conviction. But we cant use that as a guide, since MANY states automatically restore voting rights to felons simply after a certain period of time, but most states don’t restore gun rights so easily.

    25 million felons divided by an estimated 210 million Americans over age 21 is nearly 12%. So let’s say that 12% of Americans who are old enough to get pistol permit are ineligible due to a prior felony conviction.

    If that percentage holds true for Georgia, that means that 780,000 are prohibited from possessing guns for that reason. 6.5 million minus 0.78 million = 5.72 million possible GWCL holders, if they were so inclined to apply for one.

    So we have 400,000 gun permits among 5.72 million people who probably “could†get one if they wanted to. That’s 6.9% Round it off to 7%

    Georgia is a well-armed state! I had guessed that the percentage would be more like 4%, and perhaps it was back several years ago.
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    Re: Alabama

    Unless you voted for the other candidate for Sheriff. If you do that, the Sheriff in Alabama can and do deny permits as retaliation.

    Well, OK, not always, but at least in 1 case:

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    I was referring to blanket denials. Like the Sheriffs in California.
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    Gunsmoker, the general feeling is that Ga. has over 600,000 active licenses. But, as usual................the numbers aren't all there.


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    I wonder what Rammstein is up to these days?