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Just so if it happens I can tell you I told you so! :lol: ... ar-as.html

As September closes in, I'm thinking how predictable it would be for the Barry and the HusseinO's to stage an October Surprise for their own benefit. I could just wait until November, let it happen and then proclaim how predictable it all was. Or I could go right up to the edge of the Cliffs, look over, and offer a few possibilities for the October Surprise that all revolve around influencing the elections. I'm not going to nail down specifics, just general principles that might be used and then applied in a a few scenarios that may stand alone or be combined to multiply the effects.
Go check out "the list." Just be thinking and keep your eyes and ears out as the Dems may try anything to stay in power.


1. Fake “N†word charges, swastikas, campaign sign vandalism, windows broken, etc.

2. Real live riot fight between SEIU thugnuts and free men.

3. ATF raid on isolated group.
It goes on...

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Not much of a surprise, I have already nailed the one of him all of a sudden showing up at a church after his vacation break.

They are so transparent and predictable that it's not funny.

Future thought...... Christmas, Big Tree and the O family gathering.
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