October Family Events?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Phil1979, Oct 17, 2020 at 1:33 AM.

  1. Phil1979

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    Anything around like festivals, concerts, magic shows, etc around Halloween at any public parks or other public places? I tried to get tickets for the magic show at the Roswell Cultural Art Center, but it was sold out.

    Just looking for something fun to do to take the kids to.

  2. dhaller

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    I looked at the Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival (I bought a park membership when we hiked up the mountain to see the sunrise on January 1st, and haven't been back since!) but I feel like the covid restrictions are going to put a damper on it. Worth checking it out, though?

    I'm kind of at a loss otherwise: we (my daughter, eight years old, always tricks-or-treats at the big Page Avenue shindig in Candler Park (they seal off the streets to car traffic and about 1000 kids hit the street for a massive free-range trick-or-treating party while parents hang out and chat... it's like the 70s! Not this year, alas.

    What *we're* doing is having a Halloween party at my dad's farm: my dad LOVES Halloween - even at 80, he'll put on a mask and some rags and stalk the grandkids and chase them around - so we're just having all the cousins (fortuitously ranging from 6-9), aunts, uncles, etc. together, kids wear costumes, carve pumpkins and bob for apples, maybe make caramel apples, do the candy thing, eat off the grill, scary stories around a fire pit, etc, etc. We like keeping Halloween traditional. It might be our new tradition even post-covid, who knows?