Obtaining a registered voter list from county for a fee

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    After receiving a couple political campaign ads in the mail I started wondering how they got my name and address. So I called one of the election campaign's office and asked. They told me that they obtained the list from the Sectary of State.

    Call the SOS and said the county most likely distributed the information.

    The Fulton County Election office confirm what the SOS representative told me. For a fee an individual can obtain list of register voters by precinct. I ask if there was any way to opt out of having my name and address being public information. She did not know but took down my number and said she would give it to her supervisor.

    I received a call back later that day from the supervisor and she told me that she didn't know a way to opt out but she will check with the state.

    I know name and address is by no means hard information to come by but I would like the government to stop giving it out.
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    There is no way for you to opt out, except to refrain from voting, and/or providing identifying information when you vote (which isn't likely to happen if you wish to exercise your right.)

    The list you mention is that which, folded, spindled, and mutilated, is used to identify likely voters for candidates.