Obama will submit to inept UN Human Rights Council

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    For what purpose? So that he can apologize to the world again for our "profound irresponsibility" or is it for being an American in general? To impress on his Asian, European, and Russian Socialist friends his commitment to move America toward a European model of government? Or is it to achieve Harold Koh's vision of making US law subordinate to a global, international law centered in the UN? Which one is it? Take your pick.

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    U.N. Human Rights Council to Take Aim at New Target: United States

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    Let me get this straight. Iran, a country led by a man who denies the Holocaust and the existence of gay people, where they are preparing to stone a woman to death for straying from her husband, where there is no tolerance of other religions, where the authorities have a nasty habit of shooting at their own citizens just for fun, is going to pass judgment on the United States of America for being pretty upset that Muslims killed 3,000 of our brothers and sisters on our own soil a decade ago? And I won't even get into the human rights crimes of Venezuela and Cuba. How these countries think they have ANY right to lecture anyone else, not to mention the kindest nation that has ever existed, is beyond me. Seriously, if anyone can explain that, by all means...

    And for the "Americans" here who believe we somehow compare to murderers like Iran and Cuba simply because gays aren't allowed to serve openly in the military, or every so often a Muslim gets his face beat in out of anger, or whatever other complaints you might have, I want you to know this. As an American soldier, it disgusts me to think that, someday, my blood might be shed for you. You don't deserve it, and you don't deserve the sacrifices of my brothers and sisters who have come before me. Get the hell out of my country.

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    Impeachment would be nice.
    Then another Impeachment.