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This article is from February 2010, so its old, but I bring it up, because he now has lost his Democratic Congress. Even though the Socialist-lite Republicans are more than willing to "compromise" which means to LOSE, with our fearless dictator and his minions. If they will not go along with his and Harry Ried's Socialist agenda, he may use his Executive powers to get things done in the next two years. I just think we should be on the look out for such dictator-like action.

I'm not just picking on Obama here, but he is the current very Socialist president. I'm definitely not a huge fan of Executive powers, as they started out as telling the grounds people what to do with the White House grounds. Now, it allows our presidents to act as dictators, and literally make law all by themselves. One man, making a law that the rest of the country must follow. Dictatorship. The President of the united States was never supposed to be that powerful. One elected man was never supposed to have that power. We have checks and balances in this country for a reason!

Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power

WASHINGTON â€" With much of his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.

Mr. Obama has not given up hope of progress on Capitol Hill, aides said, and has scheduled a session with Republican leaders on health care later this month. But in the aftermath of a special election in Massachusetts that cost Democrats unilateral control of the Senate, the White House is getting ready to act on its own in the face of partisan gridlock heading into the midterm campaign.

“We are reviewing a list of presidential executive orders and directives to get the job done across a front of issues,†said Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff. ... .html?_r=1

Keep your eyes open, gentlemen and ladies. My only hope is that Obama wants to be re-elected, so he will move to the center now, (center equals socialist authoritative) so that he can then BLAME the Republican Congress for all of America's problems, and he think he can win his re-election, just as Bill Clinton did. Obama probably actually has a good chance of winning re-election if he does this.

If he pushes on with his Socialist Agenda through Executive Orders, he will likely not win re-election, which would be fine by me, but we'll be stuck with more crazy environmental Cap and Trade type laws, as well as more ridiculous regulations on our already ruined free market economy. I guess the crash of 2008 wasn't enough for these Socialist idiots.

If Obama does win re-election by moving to the center, and then blaming the Congress Republicans for the country's problems, then watch out... Obama's second term will probably be nothing like anything we have ever seen.
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