Obama Backs Gun Rights

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Obama supports my right to KILL Bambi's mom? How un-PC.

  2. Rugerer

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    Well, he used a comma. That sets the "2nd amendment" off by itself separate from "sportsmen", just like it did the militia clause in the original, right?

    It's all in the comma. :wink:
  3. Taurus92

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    This is from the guy that said healthcare wasn't a tax. :roll:
  4. ChipM

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    Not "'for sportsmen'". He believes in the 2nd. And, be believes in the rights of sportsmen. Two issues :)
  5. EJR914

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    I'm sure he believes in the 2nd Amendment, the same way that all the other new aged liberals believe in the 2nd Amendment. You can have your A-bolt hunting rifle for sporting purposes, but talk about "assault weapons" and pistols for self-defense, and they are either against it, or want to regulate it to death.

    If Obama really was completely pro-gun, he would have allowed all those rifles to come into the US. He also wouldn't have added to very anti-gun women to the Supreme Court. One who is a racist, that believes a Hispanic women, such as herself, is more wise, than an old white man. The other helped to author the "Assault Weapons Ban" under Clinton. Both are bad news in my book.
  6. bdee

    bdee انا باتمان

    This is why we need someone who truly respects the 2nd Amendment come 2012. But I have to say, after these last few years, I won't be voting Republican. Just can't trust them.