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Where do you see that? Have you been?

Failure to comply could result in termination of privileges or expulsion from facility.

* Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times.
* All guns must be checked upon entering the range.
* No loaded guns except at the firing line.
* All guns must be in pouches or in range bags.
* Always treat your firearm as if it were loaded.
* Firearms must be pointed down range at all times.
* Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
* Fire only at your lane target.
* Keep the action of your pistol open while handling, inspecting, or adjusting your pistol.
* Absolutely no horseplay with guns.
* Pregnant women may not enter the range.
* No use of alcohol or any drugs allowed. Anyone who appears to be under the influence of any alcohol or any drugs will be denied use of and/or removed from the range.
* Load, unload, reload and fire only while inside the firing booth unless otherwise directed by an Oakwood Sportsman’s Lodge instructor.
* All guests of members will be instructed by that member of all safety rules and the proper use of the range facilities. Violation of safety rules of either the member or guest of the member may result in immediate termination of privileges, expulsion from the facility and/or revocation of membership.

Use of this facility is restricted

* No one barred from possessing a gun may shoot on the range.
* Children under 12 years of age are not allowed inside the firing range. Persons 12-18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in the range.
* Adults are responsible for the conduct of children in the facility.

Certain guns and practices are forbidden

* No black powder are permitted
* Holstered handguns may be worn in the classroom/showroom only by sworn law enforcement officers/ properly licensed individuals as determined by Oakwood Sportsman’s Lodge
* No fast draw from holsters to be used on the range except by a sworn law enforcement officer in Oakwood Sportsman’s Lodge’s discretion.
* On the firing range, targets may be placed from any distance from 1 to 25 yards.

This is a family facility

* Profanity and abusive language are not permitted.
* This facility is made available to law-abiding citizens, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or national origin.
* For your safety, please follow instruction from any staff member.

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It's not worth me going that far if it's iffy on long guns with pistol grips. The only rifle I have that doesn't have a pistol grip is the 10/22. I'd just go to Bullseye Lawrenceville to shoot that and the G23.

So, has anyone else been to Oakwood and know for sure?

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I work part time at OSL and they DO allow long arms of all types. The only thing they don't permit is full-auto and Black Powder.

ANY Semi-Auto is OK.

Post what you KNOW, Not what you've HEARD.
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