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    Does anyone have any pertinent information about the "professional" carry license? All I know is that it is only issued to security personal that are employeed with a licensed security company. They must past a weapons proefficiency exam, can only carry the weapon issed to them, can carry just about anywhere a LEO can (i.e. they are exempt from 16-11-126 -16-11-129) but their license is only valid while in performance of their official duties and enroute to and from their official duties.

    Should we try to lift the restrictions imposed on these people that carry with these licenses too? As far as I know, Aiprorts, transportation terminals, buses, rail vehicles, airlines, WMA's, state parks, jails and prisons, and Stone Mounatin are still off-limits to people who carry with these licenses. Interestingly enough they are not restricted from carrying into the state capitol building, since the statue 16-11-34.1 specifically exempts those individuals who are also exempt from 16-11-126 - 16-11-129.

    This license does not only apply to security guards, it also applies to private dectectives, private investigators, and revenue carriers. They also must possess this license if they wish to carry a firearm. I am a little baffled as to why bond recovery agents or "bounty hunters" cannot apply for this type of license and must apply for 16-11-129 license, since fugitive recovery would probably require them to go places that are normally off-limits by regular GFL and not off limits by this "special class" GFL.

    Or maybe all of us applied for the wrong license and we should go to the secretary of state to reapply for this special carry license...

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    Those are work requirements, not liberty issues, IMHO.
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    Can you have both types?
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    Yes, most probably do. The license ICP is talking about is only valid while performing that job. Which means you could carry all day at work but if after work you stopped for gas, it would be illegal to get out of your car with your gun.
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    I'll a license that has a mandatory training requirement for our current license which has none, but which is invalid at "public gatherings." In an ideal world, carrying a loaded gun in public would require as much training as driving an automobile on public roads. Of course nobody is trying to ban cars, so I'm aware that due to the "slippery slope" argument, any gun law can be twisted to be a form of de-facto disarmament of perfectly qualified people.

    But I also think that once you have a gun permit issued either as a civilian or as an armed guard, you should be able to carry in any place where you or the person/ property you are guarding might be threatened, including parks, banks, the non-secure public areas of courthouses and jails, etc.
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    Re: Trade

    I like the analogy. No registration, licensing, or other restrictions unless actually carrying a firearm on public roads. 16 to carry on public roads, no age limits on private property. Cannot revoke license unless carrying under the influence or misusing firearm.

    Felons, 16 year olds . . .

    Oh, yeah - no police can stop you just for seeing you and wanting to check and see if you have a license! Must have probable cause, reasonable suspicion, or a checkpoint at which they are checking everybody . . .

    Did I leave anything out?
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    sounds just right to me :mrgreen:
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    Gunsmoker - of course, no training is required to operate a motor vehicle on private property . . . just on the public roadway.

    "Out in public" is very different from on the public roadways of the State.