NY tries to outlaw school shooting clubs/teams

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    The best part of the article, for me, is this information - which was news to me:

    Another inconvenient truth, from no less a source than the U.S. Department of Justice in its 1994 research summary “Urban Delinquency and Substance Abuse – Initial Findings,” the conclusion under “Gun ownership and delinquency” (p. 18 ) noted:

    “Boys who own legal firearms, however, have much lower rates of delinquency and drug use and are even slightly less delinquent than nonowners of guns.”
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    Assemblywoman Rosenthal doesn't understand causation and correlation. And she's ugly.

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    yep. Leftist loonies lead the gun-grabbing movement, and they want to outlaw anything that shoots (including BB and pellet guns, single-shot .22 rifles with 26" heavy barrels and aperture sights, archery gear, etc.).

    Leftist loonies have an answer for your plea of "But I have a right to own a gun for target shooting." The answer is no, no you don't. Target shooting can be banned as an unhealthy and dangerous activity that is psychologically harmful to children and teaches them to become mass murderers as adults.

    Leftist loonies have an answer to your plea of "But I need an effective, powerful gun for hunting. Their reply: "So we'll ban hunting. (Like we did in England, for all practical purposes.). No more hunting = fewer people asserting a need to own guns."

    Leftist loonies have an answer to your plea that you need a working firearm that holds multiple rounds and can be fired quickly as a home defense weapon. "Home defense shall be illegal, and all burglars and kidnappers and rapists have a right to a safe working environment, just like the guy who works at a construction site or drives a forklift in a warehouse. No more "right" of self-defense = one less reason to want a gun."

    Since this proposal came from a NY elected representative, there's really nothing we can do about it except support her opponent in the next election, BUT had this come from a bureaucrat or administrative person at a public school or school board, it should be a career-ending move. Leftist lunatics need to be identified and purged from all public employment, and especially from the field of education.
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    Article from 2013 about how rifle shooting used to be a very popular thing for high schools up north, and how there's been a great decline over the last 30 years since schools (and parents) have taken a "zero tolerance" or "guns and kids don't mix" policy.


    I visited a private Catholic college in the 1980s that had a rifle team. They shot bolt action .22 LR rifles in the basement, at a 50-foot range with a series of angled steel plates for a backstop. That college doesn't show any shooting sports on their list of athletics today, so I'd assume that they either caved-in to political pressure (or took to heart the displeasure of their socially liberal parents) and banned the gun team sometime in the 1990s.

    (Although indoor air quality could have been an issue, too. A lot of those old basement shooting ranges in schools, built in the 1930s to 1960s, didn't have great ventilation, and consdering that shooting was an indoor sport to be done in the winter, it's not like they could just open the windows and put a box fan on the sill for extra ventialtion.)
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    Gunsmoker, a LOT of ranges were shut down in the 80's to the 2000's under the guise of "air quality". OSHA and state regulators applied 8 hour exposure standards to the range, measured at peak usage, even though workers only spend a few hours a day inside and most of the time the range would be far less than full. More back-door gun control.
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    Should be Identified and Purged regardless of vocation but your opinion is a good start.