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NY governor commutes prison sentence in fatal shooting

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From CNN:

The shooting occurred in August 2006 in the Long Island town of Miller Place, after a group of teenagers went to White's home over a dispute with his 19-year-old son.
White, who is African-American, said that he was protecting his family from a white lynch mob and the gun discharged accidentally.
Prosecutors said White should have called police instead of deliberately choosing to confront Cicciaro and a group of his friends with a .32-caliber Beretta.
Police said the incident started with an internet prank sent by another person from the MySpace page of White's 20-year-old son.
Taking race out of it, I don't know how I feel about the whole thing. Mr. White went out to confront these people, but they were in his yard threatening his son, and apparently one of them did try to take his gun. I suppose he could have stayed in his house, although I don't know what I would have done either.

Putting race into it, I hope that Gov Patterson didn't commute this sentence purely on racial grounds, but I bet he's not handing out commutations for self defense like this everyday.

Edit to Add:

More info on the case during the trial:

The man that was shot had a blood alcohol of 0.14. Coupled with the fact that there were four others with him, you have to doubt that they had anything other than confrontation on their minds. Also I can't see convicting White if I was on the jury.

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.14 doesn't mean much to me. I drink a good bit and at .14 I would appear normal and sober. I also become more relaxed and less aggressive after drinking. Back to story, with the circumstances I would have stayed inside and called the police. If they came into the house then shoot. Going outside to confront them just seems a bad decision. Don't think he should have been charged with murder though. But can't really think of an appropriate charge.
I don't think he should have been charged with anything, I just think making race a factor in any part of the case was unnecessary.
I remember that shooting. I also lived in Miller Place at the time. Some of the kids I worked with were friends with the kid that was shot. I heard what the whole confrontation was about but my memory is a little foggy so I don't want to say anything. It wasn't a prank though. I had also heard through some friends that the deceased was trained in martial arts. It was weird at the time because, believe it or not, the violent crime rate is extremely low around there. Long Island is not NYC at all.
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