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    There are now so many sticky topics in the BST forum that you have to go 2 or 3 pages back to get to what used to completely fit on the main page.

    It is very annoying having to go through multiple pages when there are so few new threads per page.... Not only does this cost the forum extra bandwidth, it also costs CPU cycles and is just downright annoying. Quite frankly I've noticed I check the page less often because I don't want to have to deal with going through page after page on what used to fit on one page. Turns a quick check of the forum to an annoying click through then scroll down past the wall of stickies.

    There are basically 6 "Rules/How To" topics stickied. Why don't we consolidate these down to just 1 or 2 different topics. This would save the forum a bit of bandwidth from the extra page views of going to page 2 when there aren't a ton of new topics.. It would also make forum viewers less frustrated by the wall of stickies. Finally it would make new forum visitors less likely to think we're a bunch of unruly unreliable hicks who can't get people to follow the rules, so we just make a wall of posts about it. :rant:

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    New Rules, shorter, more visible

    The "rules" of this site are disorganized, scattered here and there (many in "sticky" threads started by Gunstar1.
    It's something we're working on.
    We're trying to come up with a new set of rules that doesn't change much (at least for most forums) in substance, but in a form that's shorter, simpler, and quicker to read.

    The problem with some forums having several "sticky" threads is something we've noticed and will try to address, too. It's not just an issue in B/S/T.
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  3. Adam5

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    How many topics per page do you have your settings set for? I increased mine and it helped.
  4. TITAN308

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    They cleaned out a bunch of old stickies in OFF TOPIC a while ago. Made a world of difference.
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    Where do you change that in the User CP? I see where you can change how many post show on one page inside a specific thread (40 Max)........................but where do you change the number of threads that show up in a Sub-Forum? I don't see it.

    Only 25 to 28 Threads in a Sub-Forum showing up on one page is quite annoying!!!!!! :waiting: You have to click thru too many pages to see the information you want to see.

    The old forum had like 60 to 70 Threads per page. You could see a lot more information.
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