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OVERALL, is the NRA working in our best interest as a 2nd Amendment Lobby?

  • Yes.

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  • Yes, but they could do much better.

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  • No.

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  • No, and they should be stopped.

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  • The NRA is too broad of brush. There needs to be more focus in certain areas.

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I don't understand why the NRA does some of the things they do but they are the only orginization out there that can go toe to toe with the government right now.

Like ANY orginization that is run by people, they will make some really bad decisions.

We have a choice: we can either stay with them and try to help them back on their original path, or we can stop supporting them and watch them fall.

One thing I have learned is; the easeist thing to do is quit. It's much harder to stay and fight for what is right.

This is not an indightment for those that aren't members of the NRA, but it is for those that are in the NRA and do nothing to help them get back on the right path.
It is easier to critisize somthing from the outside looking in.
Just like those that critisize the elected officials and don't VOTE!!!

So as you can see by my replie I beleive in what the NRA fights for but they can do better. So I choose to stay and help them back on the right path.

Ok, I got my flame suit on now, :flame:
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