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Gun Check

Given the last-minute decision of Trump to attend the NRA meeting ( I assume it's a recent development), I'm OK with a no-guns and no-check service policy. Yeah, you'll have to walk back to your cars and leave them there. (Big theft risk, I know !)

But had the NRA known the Prez was likely to come, they should have made provisions for safe storage of guns for people who want to be at the convention armed most of the time, but willing to disarm for the event Trump will attend.

If anybody can make a gun-check station work, and do it safely, the NRA can do it. But it would take time and significant storage space, and well-trained staff. (There's no way you could give people individual lockers. The NRA would have to collect the guns and secure them in a massive common storage area, but without stacking them on top of one another. Each gun would have to be immediately available when its owner comes to claim it.
It would be a big deal.

And it would be a safety issue, too. Handling loaded guns, many of them loaded and cocked guns (with or without any manual safety engaged) is risky. On the other hand, loading and unloading guns in a crowded public place is risky, too. Do you want all these NRA members re-loading their guns, chambering their first rounds again, and decocking them into the normal carry mode (for some guns, that may require lowering the hammer over a live round manually), and then re-holstering those fully loaded and cocked pistols? That's risky, too.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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