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Recent reports in the Washington Post, Newsweek and other media outlets
are fanning Internet rumors regarding the NRA's position concerning
legislation currently being discussed in Congress in the aftermath of
the horrific crimes that occurred at Virginia Tech.

The NRA has a long history of supporting measures to keep guns out of
the hands of violent criminals and those who have been adjudicated by a
court as mentally incompetent, and we will continue to do so. We will
also continue our efforts to make sure that the National Instant
Background Check System (NICS) is accurate, fair, and instant by seeking
changes to permanently ensure that no fee is associated with the check,
that system outages are minimized, and that our men and women in uniform who have served our country honorably are not unjustly denied their constitutional rights. As always, the NRA is committed to ensuring that any proposal does not infringe upon the rights of law-abiding gun

It is impossible to predict right now what any final bill will look
like; therefore, we will withhold judgment until we see a final product.
However, the NRA will continue to work with Members of Congress
throughout the process to ensure that any changes to the NICS benefit
lawful gun purchasers while ensuring that those adjudicated by the
courts as mentally incompetent are included in the system.

Including necessary records on prohibited persons into the NICS is a
position we have long supported. However, history has shown that no law
will stop a madman intent on doing evil.

The NRA believes that our schools are not adequately protected.
Therefore, we believe a national conversation on school security is
necessary, and we look forward to those discussions and finding
meaningful solutions to keep America's children safe.

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Commentary on HR 297, The NICS Improvement Act of 2007, from JPFo_Org

"...Can you imagine? ANYONE who has been to a mental institution or "adjudicated as mentally defective" would have their name and identifying information sent to the federal government.

It doesn't matter if you needed assistance coping with the devastating loss of a loved one or combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder. It doesn't matter if you only stayed for a night to reassure a worried spouse. Regardless of circumstances, your information would be still be submitted and you would no longer be permitted to purchase a firearm.

The NRA is unabashedly enthusiastic about HR 297. They cheerfully assure us that the bill is designed to "fix problems" with recordkeeping while improving the availability of criminal history and "other" records for conducting background checks. ( ... spx?id=197 )

Perhaps they should consider the words of President Lyndon B. Johnson, who said, "You do not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause if improperly administered..."

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Hey Moga, please cross post this in the NRA good or bad poll thread.

I think all the NRA fanboys need to read this.
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