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    (from an email I just sent to the NRA):

    I noticed that both candidates for GA State Senate, District 43, Diana Williams and Ronald B. Ramsey, received an "F" from NRA-PVF.

    ( ... ty=Conyers)

    This confuses me, because I was with Diana Williams at a local political meeting just last night, and after the meeting she showed me the firearm she keeps in her purse while her husband (just returning from a local gun show) showed me his new pocket holster.

    This confuses me, because I understand that she is Endorsed by GeorgiaCarry.Org, a far less compromising and more committed gun rights organization, so how anti-gun can she be?

    This confuses me because her campaign website states, "2nd Amendment – I have fond memories of my first job at the age of 12 loading skeet at the gun club my father and grandfather were members of. They taught me at an early age about the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. I personally own firearms and hold a Georgia Firearms License. I will never vote to restrict your right to carry and I fully support GA HB 615."

    This confuses me because just a few weeks ago I saw Diana at a local Tea Party event where she gave a fine speech, an event where half the folks were openly carrying their personal firearms (and the other half were probably carrying concealed).

    This confuses me because I know Diana personally, away from political campaigns, and she's genuinely impassioned with personal freedoms including the Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms, and has been a staunch enemy of any restriction to do so.

    I almost didn't renew my NRA membership this year because of shenanigans between the NRA and the local Georgia Carry organization (I'm a member of both). I decided to keep my membership only because my local shooting range requires NRA membership to shoot there. But today I'm seriously considering sending the NRA one last email and demanding that you remove me from your membership rolls. I've read just too much politics and pandering, too many compromises, and now this blatant misrepresentation of a local candidate. I've already become a member of the Second Amendment Foundation, and I'm not sure there is any further need for me to remain an NRA member.
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    These issues are what make me think my membership with the NRA isn't going to last much longer.

    Sorry for this semi-threadjack: is there a list of candidates GCO suggests we support somewhere?--I'm not currrently aware of it, and would very much like to be.

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    GCO's homepage.
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    Don't be too suprised. GCO endorsed Doug Stoner (D) over his oposition Beth Pollard (R).